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Belan waali bahu is a unique family drama concept treated with humor. They say “aksar ek ladki ki zindagi tab naya mod leti hai jab uski maang mei sindoor bhara jaata hai…par is ladki ki zindagi tab naya mod leti hai jab uski maang ka sindoor mit jaata hai…” This story revolves around our female protagonist ROOPA AWASTHI who got married at the age of 18 with her sister’s husband i.e. Amarnath, because of sister’s sudden death. Roopa hardly knew the concept of marriage when she had to get into this sudden bond with her sister’s family and husband. Nevertheless, she always tries her best to take care of her in laws and husband but something or the other is always missing or isn’t as good as her elder sister used to do. Apart from putting her best efforts, Roopa is also pro in making goof-ups, unintentionally or carelessly. So, Comparisons are obvious and are always made, for family and husband her elder sister was an idol bahu. Family still have love and affection for Roopa but Roopa’s husband Amarnath Awasthi, he doesn’t appreciate her efforts nor does he pay attention or affection to Roopa. He has always loved his first wife and thinks Roopa can never be like her. But Roopa never gives up, she is always in positive spirit and always puts her best efforts for her family and Amarnath. Roopa’s life completely changes when one fine day on Amarnath’s demand she is happily making ajwain parathe for him and after eating he complains of less salt in it. Roopa gets disheartened and her entire marriage journey which has not been great flashes in front of her eyes and in frustration she hits the belan on the shelf but it mistakenly hits her husband who just came forward to pick the salt. Due to which, he dies… Story doesn’t end here... It actually starts from here when Amarnath decides to be with her as a ghost until he doesn’t get her arrested for the crime she made. And ghost of the husband is with Roopa all the time and will keep creating obstacles for her in order to ruin her life. Going forward story also unfolds some secrets, when Roopa gets to find that Amarnath during his life has made some wrong decisions in life which can be harmful for the entire family, so Roopa takes the ownership of all the problems and fix them. That’s how Roopa’s life will grow with each member of Awasthi family who has their own quirk which will add humor to the show.

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