Best of Week 3 on Bigg Boss 10
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Looks like the festive month started with an absolute bang for the contestants on Bigg Boss and a lot of drama unfolded in week 3. Right from interesting tasks to a bunch of emotions surfacing, here are the highlights from Week 3…




Akanksha Sharma eviction

Though there was a burst of crackers somewhere, there was a lot an anticipation exploding in the Bigg Boss house about the eviction on the Diwali weekend. As one would hope for that there would be none owing to the festivities, they were proved otherwise with Akanksha Sharma’s exit.

Nomination mein twist

This week the nomination process saw a major twist. The two teams had to nominate a member from amongst themselves. It goes without saying, this simple process could birth a lot of disappointments. And true to it’s nature, that’s exactly what happened.

Naya Task, Nayi Kahaani

The celebrities had pretty much tasted the portrayal of playing ‘Sevaks’ to Indiawale  ‘Maaliks’, this week brought in fresh wave of change. The plug in of playing a character made the ‘Raja aur Rank’ interesting in a very different way.  Swami Om played the Raja and Gaurav played the Wazir. Likewise each one had a character assigned to them. Jai ho Bigg Boss ki, for such innovation!

The grand ‘Gupt’ Karya

All is fair in Bigg Boss house. The celeb team was summoned by the Bigg Boss to carry out a secret task. If they would succeed at it there would switch positions with Indiawale. The celebs were asked to click certain pictures during the task sans the notice of the Indiawale. The celebs successfully carried out this task and victory was theirs to claim. This left the Indiawale team highly disappointed.

Nitibha and Lopa’s verbal spat

Nitibha and Lopa got into an ugly argument during the ‘Raja aur Rank’  task. Nitibha got grumpy at Lopa who had not served her tea and parathas for over an hour. Super busy Lopa retorted saying that, she will do the job once she can free her hands of the current task. And this was the very founding moment of a heated game of a verbal tiff. What can we say, two feisty women went all out to dish out some anger at each other.

Bigg Boss 10 meets it’s first rule breaker trio

Things are bound to get more crazy in this house with the passage of time. Bigg Boss announced the rule breakers of the Bigg Boss house. Despite of regular warnings when Bigg Boss noticed that Bani, Gaurav and Rahul were failing to pay heed, he decided to punish them.  Speaking in English can bring a bit of dent on the reputation coupled with punishment in the Bigg Boss house. This task also saw an emotional breakdown of Bani who developed muscular pain due to the task and saw no concern from her team members. 

Swami Om’s emotional side

The high octane drama in lines with Swami Om’s actions has given every contestant in the house to speak something about. Whether it’s his team or the opposing team, Swami has faced music from both sides. This week saw Swami Om having break downs in the house. At first he broke down about the way his teammates were speaking with him and the second time when he was displeased with his own behaviour in the Bigg Boss house.

Immunity task lands Lopa into victory and Bani into trouble 

The immunity task saw three contenders- Lopa, Bani and Mona. Though the task was pretty difficult of staying on the ski bindings without stopping any movement, it saw an ugly twist between Lopa and Bani. Bani messed around in middle of the task which eventually led Lopa to victory in the task. 


Well, that’s been a huge dose of ‘Waah bhai Waah’ in week three.  Let’s see what happens tonight at 9PM on Bigg Boss-Weekend ka Vaar!

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