Best of Week 7 on Bigg Boss 10!
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Bigg Boss 10 is getting more entertaining by the day and with the entry of wildcards, the equations inside Bigg Boss house are definitely seen changing. Here are some interesting happenings on Week 7 of Bigg Boss 10.


The Dome Task that led to Nominations








The four wildcards challenged four housemates to a task. The task was that both contestants stay in a dome and one, who steps out first, loses. Bani, Rahul, Jason and Elena lost in the Dome Task and got nominated for evictions. Bani was declared safe on Weekend ka Vaar.


Manu- Monalisa- Manveer Trio breaks with Priyanka Jagga’s re-entry








Priyanka came back as a wildcard and got on top of her game. She managed to get Manveer on her side and some of her actions led to fights and arguments between Manu, Manveer and Monalisa. Priyanka’s re- entry also saw some heated debates between her and other housemates. She also fell in the pool and got hurt which in turn led to another series of fights. So apart from playing her own game, Priyanka has been giving many reasons for entertainment.


Rohan was declared as a failed captain by Bigg Boss






Bigg Boss announced that Rohan was not able to live up to the responsibilities of captaincy. Hence he was removed from the position and a new task was announced to choose new captaincy contenders. The task was called ‘Gayi Captaincy Paani Me’ and it saw many heated debates and arguments. Gaurav and Manveer became the new captaincy contenders.


Luxury Budget Task, ‘Jab tak tumhare pair chalenge…’






Four nominated contestants had to pedal a double- seat cycle so that the housemates could earn daily necessities, utilities, sleep time and so on. The arguments got intense as at a point Bani refused to pedal anymore.


Manveer injured himself during the Captaincy Task between him and Gaurav







The captaincy task between Manveer and Gaurav got quite aggressive and Manveer fell down at a point, injuring himself. Gaurav continued the task despite Manveer’s injury and this irked the housemates. Gaurav became the captain but housemates criticized Gaurav as they had never expected such behavior from him.


Manu’s fiancée and Mona’s boyfriend visit Bigg Boss 10 set






Manveer’s sister- in- law, Manu’s fiancée and Mona’s boyfriend were invited to evaluate their friendship. They commented that Monalisa and Manu are more close than expected. They openly expressed their views about it.


‘Befikre’ Ranveer and Vaani added to the entertainment quotient




Ranveer and Vaani visited the Bigg Boss house and engaged in some fun activities with housemates. Jason was dared to do a pole dance for Vaani while Monalisa had to captivate any one of the housemates with her sizzling dance moves.

Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 for more fun, more drama and more entertainment, Mon- Fri at 10.30PM and Sat- Sun at 9PM!

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