Bigg Boss 10 contestants talk about Bani and Rohan’s game strategy
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  • November 14, 2016
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Monday is synonymous with nominations in the Bigg Boss10  house. Last week the nomination special not only saw the relations being put to test but also certain decisions being collectively influenced by others. 

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Lopa and Manu discuss in the luggage room about Bani's smart move of trying to play divide and rule in the house. They talk about how sneakishly she decides to spark up a controversy and leave it to others to draw it to flames.


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Manu also talks about Rohan, on how he couldn't stop laughing after Karan had torn the picture for the nomination task last week. Manu also mentions about Rohan  being a complete tattle tale in the house. 


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However both Lopa and Manu are unaware of the fact that Rohan and Bani can overhear them.


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While Bani stays put outside the luggage room, Rohan gets in there to clear the matter with Manu and they end up getting into an argument. 

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Let's see where this fight leads to, tonight at 10.30PM only on Bigg Boss.

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