Bigg Boss 10: Heated argument takes place between Rohan and Lopa
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  • November 18, 2016
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After the competition held yesterday, Rohan was selected to be the Captain of the house for the week. As asked by Bigg Boss he had to pick two contestants to be punished and sent to the jail. Rohan picks Manveer and Manu but chooses not to declare the reason behind this choice.


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This behaviour of Rohan doesn't go down too well with the housemates, especially Lopa. Due to this these two- Rohan and Lopa get into an enormous argument about Rohan playing the game in an unfair manner.


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Rohan argues that he won't give out the his reason and it's his wish  who he chooses and who he doesn't. Lopa lashes out at him on hearing this and says he doesn't know the difference between right and wrong, he is not being a Captain but a Dictator instead. Rohan's tone of argument takes a higher pitch, he says "Tum mujhey baataogi fair kya hota hai ya nahi." 


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The spat gets bad to worst and Lopa gives a final word that she will only talk to Rohan after a week. 
Looks like, the new Captain is going to shoot up the mercury level in this house. Tune in tonight on Bigg Boss at 10.30PM

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