Five Things That We Expect Kajol To Reveal On The Show
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The bubbly actress known for her outspoken nature and versatility can easily give competition to any actress even today. Her on screen chemistry with Shahrukh Khan was the talk of the town after the movie DDLJ was released and even today people are dying to watch both the actors together. The super hit movie DDLJ wouldn’t have been the same without Kajol and we can’t think of anyone else who could have done justice to her role . On this week’s episode, watch Kajol open up about her life, Bollywood, marriage and future plans with the veteran actor Anupam Kher only on ‘The Anupam Kher Show’.  Here are a few things we expect Kajol to reveal on the show. 

Chilhood: Bollywood runs in her blood. Everyone in Kajol’s family from her great grandmother to her mother have been part of the industry. Growing up around such big names must have certainly had a great impact on her and we wonder if the secret to her acting has been handed down over the generations? Aren't you a little curious? 

Career: Kajol made her debut in the movie Bekhudi and even though it was a box office flop, she did get noticed and was cast opposite Shahrukh Khan in the movie, Baazigar. Acting is definitely in her genes but we can’t help just wonder if that is what Kajol wanted to do always or did she have other plans altogether? 

Marriage: Many actresses post marriage stop working but for Kajol that hasn’t been the case. She made her comeback in the movie Fanaa opposite Aamir Khan and proved to everyone that marriage doesn’t spell an end to an actress’ career. We really want to know how she is able to manage her personal and professional life and the role that her family plays in all of that? 

Future plans:  Actors today have truly become versatile.  Many have turned producers and directors, her husband Ajay being one of them.  ill Kajol follow suit or will she stick to acting? For someone with such a load of talent, we can expect anything out ofher. Don't we? 

Kajol, the mother: Four generations of her family has been in movies and like other star kids, we are really curious to know whether Kajol is open to the idea of her kids being a part of the industry? It is definitely a tough life and being a protective mother, we surely want to know if she would be okay with her kids joining the Bollywood bandwagon. 

To know more about kajol, don’t forget to tune into The Anupam Kher Show, Sunday @ 7PM. 



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