Spoiler Alert: Lopamudra wins the immunity task on Bigg Boss
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The competition level is picking pace and we are finally seeing teams within the teams. Well, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Bigg Boss is afterall all about an individual game plan. And when it comes to securing their positions  the contestants will leave no stone un-turned to do the same.


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Bigg Boss has given out an immunity task to Lopa also mentioning to discuss with her team which other two teammates are to be chosen to carry out the task.


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After a round and round table of discussion the Celebrity team decides that Mona, Bani and Lopa will compete for the immunity task.

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The contestants have to attach themselves to a pair of ski bindings, there has to be constant movement and no contestant should fall off, if they do, they are out. But hold on, they don’t get individual bindings, its one pair divided for the three. Well, who promised that it’s going to be an easy task? It’s surely looking like one hell of a ride.

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Because the stakes are high and safety badge is the return gift of the victory, Madam Bani goes all out to win this with her  tricks. At first she has Mona out by pushing her down and then she tries to mess with Lopamudra in order to get her way but to no avail. Navin, who is monitoring this task tells Bigg Boss that Bani’s balance went off the bindings and since Lopa’s one foot is still attached to the binding, she is the winner of the task.

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Whoot whoot! Lopa won this one, the lady is safe. But what will happen to Bani's image, who’s foul moves came across in front of everyone? Will this affect her tuning with the rest in the house? Watch tonight to Bigg Boss at 10.30PM!




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