Spoiler Alert: Swara to end Ragini’s tyranny?
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  • December 15, 2015
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After the reins of the house were handed over to Ragini, she has started to act like a tyrant and is in no mood to listen to anyone in the house. When Swara finds out about all of this, she confronts Ragini and tells her that she will put an end to her game.  It is just Swara who stands up to Ragini while everyone in the house keeps mum about it.

After handing over the keys to the house, Durgaprasad hands over the property papers to Ragini next. For someone who believes in standing up against wrong, Durgaprasad has maintained his silence over all Ragini’s ill doings which makes Swara a little suspicious. There is some secret that Ragini has caught wind of which has allowed her to have an upper hand over Durgaprasad. In order to set things right and put an end to Ragini’s tyranny, Swara decides to get to the bottom of it. Will Swara be able to find the secret before in time or will it get too late? To find out what happens next,  don’t forget to catch Swaragini.  

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