• Gunjan Sharma
  • Gunjan Sharma

  • Gender : Male

    Gunjan Sharma is a black belt in karate and taekwondo. Professionally he is a stunt actor and parkour trainer. He owns “Parkour in India” company which is a parkour institute located in Delhi and Mumbai.

    Gunjan has done his schooling from Nayagaon and was an athlete in school. He was a long jump and high jump champion. After finishing his 12th he took basic martial arts, yoga and malakhamb training for a year. Then he went to Chandigarh for further studies. He has a bachelor’s degree in computers. After finishing his studies he came to Delhi and met Grand Master S Ram who started training him. He is very strong headed person when it comes to career.

    Gunjan has been staying in Mumbai since 2011 and works as a stunt actor in movies. His plans are to work in the Hollywood industry as a lead actor. 

    He participated in IGT to get a new experience. He says whatever he does no one in India does it and is the only person in India doing the Kalisthenic technique of parkouring.


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