1st Oct-5th Oct Weekly Update: Balika Vadhu
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Last week started with Anandi visiting an ailing Narayan and his wife requesting Anandi for justice. His wife cries about not only seeing her husband in this condition but also weeps about the fact that now no one is there to provide for the family. Anandi promises to take up the issue in panchayat and get them justice. What she doesn't know is Jagya is listening to everything from behind and devising a plan.

Next, a panchayat is called and Narayan's wife requests them to find a solution as now there's no one to earn for her family. Anandi promises to find the culprit and such a solution that Narayan's family needs are met. At that point, Jagya steps up and takes up the blame. He tells everyone how in search of food he broke into Narayan's house but he unintentionally pushed Narayan and he didn't really mean for it to happen. Everybody sympathises with him and after talking to the panchayat Anandi decides that Jagya will take care of Narayan's family till he gets fit. Dadisa and Bhairon are worried about this but Jagya feels happy about his plan falling into place. He will get a chance to live in Jaitsar and make his place again in his family.

In haveli, Dadisa apologises to Anandi for badmouthing Shiv in front of Urmi Devi and says she didn't intend to harm his reputation and only wanted to see Anandi happy. Anandi at this point feels bad and hugs it out with her. Later she and Shiv are sitting together when Anandi confesses to him about Dadisa's deeds and defends her by saying that she really didn't mean it to happen like this. At first, Shiv is shocked but then he just laughs about the whoel issue. He tells her that now he respects Dadisa even more because she's the kind of women who once decided something will surely do it. Anandi worries about how his family will react to it but Shiv assures her that he will tell them when the time is right and he is sure that everyone will react just like how he did.  He even talks to her about Jagya and her decision but Anandi  says that she feels bad for her family more so for Dadisa because she really loves Jagya and she feels guilty to not be able to forgive him. When she discusses the same issue with Dadisa, the latter her comforts her by saying that it is Jagya's fault that he didn't respect his family and Anandi has earned the right to be with them.

Narayan's wife grudgingly offers a back room to Jagya to stay in. She isn't very happy with his presence in the house but accepts Anandi's decision. When Narayan shouts in pain Jagya offers to give him injection but Narayan just shouts on him. Later Jagya is working in the field when Nandu comes with hsi friend. He is very happy to see his nephew but Nandu is little hesitant. He asks Jagya why he is working in field when he's such a big doctor and Jagya tries to explain that he made a big mistake but nobody forgave him and he's now trying to rectify it. Nandu promsies that he will ask everyone to forgive hi mthen they all can live together. They plan to meet everyday in the field but Jagya asks Nandu to not tell anyone about this.

Later Shiv calls Anandi to inform her about his family leaving and asks her to come with family to meet them. When Dadisa and al lreach there Chhoti Ma starts talking about finding the lady who spoke bad about Shiv. Anandi, Shiv and Dadisa get worried bu Shiv handles the situation. In this sequence Daddu and Dadisa have a light moment. Chotti ma seems to be in a bad mood because she talks about Jagya. At first everyone is scared a to why she woudl open such a topic but Dadisa assures the mthat htye have nothing to do with Jagya and he's only here to take care of Narayan and his family. Next scene, Shiv and anandi are in the jeep and Shiv is flirting with her and for the first time Anandi can be seen blushing. So lost are they in the moment that they bang into a man. Shiv hurriedly gets out of the car to check and finds out it is Jagya he banged into. Anandi tries to wake him up and Jagya holds her arm. Shiv stares at it for a while but then starts helping Jagya to get up. He helps him sit in the jeep and asks Bhim Singh to take him to the hospital. At that Jagya apologises to Anandi for misbehaving with her in the temple and promises to stay away from her and her life. he also telsl Shiv that he's a lucky guy to have Anandi in his life and to never leave. Shiv looks at him suspiciously but let's the matter go. Once the car moves, jagya's expressiosn say that this was all his plan.

Anandi declines Shiv's offer to drop her home and goes away worried. She is confused as to what is happening and to clear her mind goes to the temple. On the other hand, Shiv is feeling the same and he to ogoes to the tempel for solace. When Anandi turns behind she sees Shiv standing and they both smiel at each other. Shiv tells her that he understands that she has come to the tempel to clear her mind and Anandi is happy to know that she's with a man who understands her ithout saying anything. Shiv tells her that if she wants to rethink her deicsion she can but Anandi confesses that she has no feelings for Jagya and it is Shiv who is now her best friend and she's happy to have found a partner like him. Shiv is very happy with this answer and both reminicise the beginning of their relationship. 

In precap, we see Shiv opening the door to Anandi in towel and feeling embarassed about it. We wish to see lot more such romantci moments between Shiv and Anandi. Keep watching thsi space for more updates!

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