A fun task turns into a dirty war
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The trademark siren rings again and the housemates wake up with the internal battle simmering inside them. The drill siren rings but Sidhu and his team sit inside the room and pretend like they are marching. An agitated Sapna explains her disgust with Sidhu and calls him a coward for staying inside the room constantly. After sometime when Vrajesh’s gang is outside the house, Niketan, Rajev & Urvashi sneak Sidhu into the captain room’s washroom. Sana is present in the room but she is left helpless as Urvashi & Rajev jump on her bed and control her movement and speech by covering her face with a blanket. 

Sapna continues to ridicule Sidhu and his team for being so scared to step out of the room. In sometime, Niketan comes into Vrajesh’s room and starts applying ‘gulaal’’ on Delnaaz and Sana. Sapna barges into the room and literally showers Niketan with ‘gulaal’’ and water. Niketan doesn’t find this funny and leaves the room as Sapna uses a few harsh words as well. Niketan, Rajev and Urvashi are seen mocking the way Sidhu talks to all the girls in the house and how almost everyone is his favorite! They also mock how style conscious he is every day when he dresses up. Bigg Boss then announces that Sidhu has to plant a pot in the garden area and pour some water in it. The task would come to an end once a buzzer rings in the house. 

Both the teams get ready for the final battle with their respective arms and ammunitions (gulaal). Sidhu comes out and a war between the teams start. Eventually Sidhu pours water in the pot and runs inside to take off the mask he is wearing as a protection from ‘Gulaal’. Sapna is furious with Sidhu for being a coward by hiding his face with plastic and a jacket. Sidhu tries to explain himself but an adamant Sapna continues to insult him and his team for man handling her teammates and playing an unfair game. While talking to Sidhu, Sapna slyly applies ‘gulaal’ on Sidhu’s face. Meanwhile Urvashi and Sapna get into an argument as the latter feels she was physically dominated by the other team. The fight erupts and gets all the housemates tense and upset. 

After the big fight, the house gets divided into two teams and the rest of the night is spent on analyzing who went wrong and what can be done. The house gets divided initially into two teams (Urvashi vs Sapna). After a lot of discussion the housemates calm down to an extent. Towards the end of the night, Urvashi goes to Sidhu’s bed and assures him that she will always be on his side and the two hug it out. The rest of the housemates sleep wondering what the Bigg Boss house has in store for them yet again! 


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