A mother’s pursuit of a career- supportive household for her daughters, Colors presents Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan!
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Mumbai, 13th December, 2016: Her own struggles taught her invaluable life lessons. She vowed to shape a better future for her daughters. Never should they have to tie their self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth to someone else's accomplishments. She made them able and strong. She taught them never to apologise for their own achievements.




Celebrating the courage and pride of a strong-willed mother and the strengths with which she empowers her young daughters, COLORS announces the launch of its newest offering Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan. Deeply rooted in Marwari culture, the show highlights Sharda’s (Prachee Shah Pandya) determination in not only providing the best education for her daughters, but also in finding a suitable match for them in a family that values upbringing over materialistic pleasures. A household that will allow her daughters’ careers to flourish rather than tie them down to domesticity. Swabhimaan traces the story of two sisters Meghna (Sangeita Chauhan) and Naina (Ankita Sharma) as they take a pledge to fulfil their mother’s dream of becoming self-reliant and society’s expectations of being married at an acceptable age. With a modern outlook coupled with traditional values, Ek Shringaar… Swabhimaan, produced by Rajshri Productions, is all set to premiere on 19th December 2016, and will air every Monday to Friday at 09:30 PM on COLORS.






Speaking about this new offering, Raj Nayak, CEO – COLORS said, “We as a society often do not give enough credit to the women for the value they add to our lives. Though now we have opened up about educating the girl child, still when it comes to marriage, we find people wanting to clip the wings of the girls and confine them to measly roles. Our latest offering attempts to change that mindset. The show highlights the importance of being self-reliant and at the same time uphold the tradition and values of our culture. With Mr. Sooraj Barjatya’s magic touch and a platform like COLORS, Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan with its vibrant backdrop is sure to strike a chord with the viewers.”




Commenting on the launch of the show, Manisha Sharma, Programming Head – COLORS said, “The concept is unique simply because it questions the contrasting principles of our society. We are all about educating our daughters but how many households are actually open to letting their daughter-in-law’s pursue their careers? Here’s a strong willed mother who just has one request to the world – Allow my daughters to work. Don’t let their education go to waste. Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan addresses this thought head-on by laying focus on values like self-respect and self-worth which have been inculcated through a mother’s upbringing. The show marks our first collaboration with Rajshri Productions whose penchant for beautiful storytelling and powerful narratives has gripped audience attention on television and in films; we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”




Set against the traditionally rich milieu of Bundi in Rajasthan, Ek Shringaar …Swabhimaan introduces a single mother Sharda as she undergoes several hardships to provide the best upbringing and education for her daughters Meghna and Naina. Knowing of the tough times their mother has seen, both Meghna and Naina put Sharda before anyone else, willing to go to any extent to uphold her honour. And while Meghna is bold, opinionated and fiercely protective, Naina is more balanced and rational in her approach. With degrees from top-notch institutes and incomparable values, the girls have all the makings of the perfect bride. And, urged by society, Sharda sets out in search of the right household that would realize her daughters’ true potential, instead of quashing their dreams. That’s when Sharda comes across the Chouhans. Ticking all the boxes, Sharda believes that Kunal (Sahil Uppal) will be the perfect match for Meghna. But a twist of fate will change everything; redefining every dream that Meghna and Naina have ever envisioned.




Speaking about the show further, Producer Sooraj Barjatya, Rajshri Productions said, “Today girls are working in every field, even earning more than their partners. When we are encouraging them to get the education that they are capable of, then shouldn't we give them the freedom to say "no" to a marriage proposal if they don't like it? Why does the society then tag her success as "abhimaan" when it is "Swabhimaan"! This is a story of a middle class Indian mother, who wants to prove through her daughters, who are IIM and IIT toppers, that today's girls can be Chairmen of Companies and also run their household with equal pride and prowess. It’s time we encouraged them!”




Speaking about taking on Sharda’s character, actor Prachee Shah Paandya said, "Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan is a progressive show which gives a voice to all single mothers, as they battle all pressures to inculcate the right values in their children. Sharda is as determined as she is family-oriented. Meghna and Naina’s futures have always taken precedence for her, and she has taught them the importance of a balanced lifestyle as well. She has made her daughters strong and competent. And the daughters have paid her back by becoming the toppers in their fields of education and imbibing the right values. Her only objective now in life is to find a house for her daughters where their worth will be respected and their wings won’t be clipped. Being a mother to a 8-year-old daughter myself, there were some aspects where the lines between Sharda and Prachee started blurring; the perseverance that makes a mother her children’s biggest ally is truly unmatchable.”




Along with Prachee Shah Paandya, Sangeita Chauhan and Ankita Sharma, Ek Shringaar… Swabhimaan will feature a stellar line-up of artists. These include actors Kanwarjit Paintal as Sujaan Singh Chouhan, Vinay Jain as Nand Kishore Chouhan, Sweta Mahadik as Nirmala Chouhan, Suchitra Pillai as Sandhya, Sahil Uppal as Kunal Chouhan and Samridh Bawa as Karan Chouhan, amongst many others.





A mother’s journey towards making her daughters self-reliant in an orthodox society, Ek Shringaar…Swabhimaan premieres on 19th December 2016, every Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM on COLORS!

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