A new beginning for Raghu and Dhanak?
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  • June 7, 2019
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This week on Gathbandhan, Maayi asks Raghu to put kaalik on Dhanak. Raghu, who doesn’t want to do this to Dhanak plays smart and ends up cutting his wrist. He then cleans kaalik from Maayi’s face. Later, Raghu and Dhanak are seen having a little moment on the terrace where Raghu expresses his love for her and how he has felt about her since the very first day.

Going forward, while Dhanak is studying for her final IPS exam, Maayi asks her to go fill buckets of water. Raghu who is watching over offers to help. In the meantime, Maayi is seen tearing all of her notes. Watching Raghu stand by her through everything makes her fall in love with him. How does their story unfold going forward?


Tune in to Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

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