A week full of jealousy, competition and much more!
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Elahi gets Jordan’s phone and Jahaan berates her. Jordan is angry when he sees Jahaan laughing in the mirror and throws a paperweight at him. All the family members come to Jordan’s aid and Inderjeet asks Maheep to let Jordan handle his problems himself. Elahi confesses her love for Jahaan, but Jahaan blames her for making him lose his focus. At Eahi’s house, Elahi is thinking of Jahaan and crying.

Lucky and Amardeep remember Diljyot and Dolly remembers the old days. Dharmendra tells Jahaan to tell Elahi if he loves her, but Jahaan refuses. Jahaan is restless to get a glimpse of Elahi, who is upset and talking to Husna about deleting a video. Jordan goes to Elahi and asks her for coffee, but she refuses. Jordan sets up a coffee shop for Elahi in college, where he surprises her with a Kishore Kumar song and Elahi gets into a reverie of her and Jahaan. The doctor tells Jahaan his recovery will take time.

Jahaan is a bit confused and asks Pari (the voice therapist) are you sure you can fix my voice and they don’t get off on the best start as they get into a tashan leading to an argument. Pari enters jahaan’s room. Jahaan shows his reports to her, and she goes to the terrace checking his reports. Elahi spots pari from her terrace and she is affected. She remembers she is the same girl who crossed by her with blaring music, but she doesn’t know that the girl is jahaan’s voice therapist and she is getting jealous. Now Elahi is making achar, but her mind is on the same girl. Here jordan’s family is with the wedding planner and jordan comes in and maheep asks about his coffee with Elahi and there is an argument between them about his growing closeness with Elahi. Jordan leaves and Maheep is seething with anger and mumbles ab ye Elaahi ke liye mujh se revolt karega!!! Maheep is livid.

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