Akash’s true face revealed to Meethi! #Uttaran Weekly Update – 16th May to 22nd May
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The week began with Surbhi trying to run away. She bids goodbye to Kanha’s family and leaves for the bus station. But before she could get in, Tapasya and Rathore catch her and explain how they found out about her real identity. Watch as Surbhi is caught red-handed in this video. 

Akash finds a moment alone with Meethi and tries to confess his guilt. But Meethi takes it all in jest and doesn’t take his words seriously. She then notices a temple and requests Akash to put vermillion on her. Watch Akash’s attempt to confess truth in this video.

Surbhi cheats Tapasya and manages to reach home. Maiyya and family are shocked to see her in such a state and she explains how she had to run away for her life. When everyone is trying to calm her, Rathore and Tapasya reach and ask for Meethi. Watch this sequence right here.

Akash decides to write down his confession and give a letter to Meethi but at the end moment thinks its best to talk to her. He goes to her room and begins to talk about he has lied to her from the beginning. At Aatishgarh, Maiyya too talks about the past and tells Tapasya and Rathore how Ichcha is responsible for spoiling her life. Watch their conversation in this video.

Tapasya gets infuriated with Maiyya’s claims and forces her to give out Meethi’s whereabouts. Maiyya taunts on how Akash must have already killed her by now which troubles Tapasya more. She then tells Maiyya that her so-called success is of no use because Ichcha is still alive in her heart. When Maiyya hears this she feels restless and scorns Surbhi for not have told her about the heart donation. Watch as Maiyya feels her mission is still incomplete.

Akash tells Meethi the whole story but realizes that all this while she was sleeping. Disappointed, he leaves the letter by her bedside and hopes she would read it. Rathore and Tapasya decide to leave to search Meethi but before going she warns Surbhi that she would pay for her bad deeds soon. Watch Tapasya’s threat right here.

Next morning, Akash goes to look for Meethi and finds her praying in the temple. He is about to approach her when he sees Tapasya. She tells him how Meethi now knows the truth and will not believe him. Meethi too turns and asks him to just say if he’s Vishnu or Akash. When he answers Akash, Meethi slaps him. Watch as Meethi finds out the truth.

Akash tries to justify his deed but Meethi leaves and Rathore pulls him back. He warns him that he didn’t do the right thing by troubling his daughter and decides to teach him a lesson in his own way. Watch as Rathore punishes Akash for his mistake and beats him up.

Nirbhay comes to look for Akash in the jungle and finds him lying half-dead. On enquiry, he comes to know that Rathore did this to him and is about to follow them when Akash stops him. Watch as Akash tries to protect Meethi.

Will Maiyya now take revenge from Tapasya and what will happen when Meethi will come to know about Ichcha’s demise? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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