Anandi saves Jagya and his family #Balika Vadhu 22nd July to 27th July
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At Jaitsar, the whole family gets ready to leave for the wedding. Dadisa gives instructions to Ganga to take care of Gehna. Bhairon leaves first and asks everyone to come later. Ratan Singh and his men attack the haveli. They tie up everyone but Dadisa is still upstaris and watches the drama unfold. She immediately goes to Ganga and advises her to hide with Mannu as Ratan Singh wants to take them away.

Ratan Singh’s men catch hold of Dadisa and tie her up as well. Ratan Singh threatens everyone that he will burn the whole Haveli if he doesn’t get Mannu.

Meanwhile at Kesar bagh, Anandi is restless, she feels that there is something wrong. She tries calling the badi haveli but no one answers. She gets even more restless and starts panicking. She calls up Jagya and asks him to go home early and check.

Jagya reaches badi haveli and finds everyone tied up by Ratan Singh’s men. He gets angry and attacks him. They both have a tussle and Ratan Singh ties him along with others and shouts for GangaGanga comes out as she can’t see the family in pain. Ratan Singh tells her to give Mannu. She cries but asks him to promise her that he will leave everyone and go away once he gets Mannu. Ratan Singh promises to do the same. Ganga gets Mannu and hands him away to Ratan Singh. After getting Mannu, Ranta Singh goes back on his words and instead of freeing everyone he ties up Ganga too.

Meanwhile, Anandi calls up Sugna and tells her to go and check at the badi haveli. Sugna rushes to help her family.

Ratan Singhs’s wife goes to police station and tells them that Ratan Singh has made the whole family hostage at Badi haveli and that he is going to burn them alive.  

Bhairon comes back and is beaten up by Ratan Singh’s men outside the haveli. They get him inside. Ratan Singh puts kerosene on Bhairon Singh and walks towards the door. He lights up a cloth but before he could do anything the police arrive and they end up shooting him on his arm. Sugna finally reaches the Badi Haveli and rescues all.

Jagya starts giving first aid to Bhairon Singh. Sumitra asks Sugna how she came to know about their situation and Dadisa guesses it must be Anandi. Sugna agrees and says it was Anandi who called her and asked her to check. Jagya calls up Anandi and tells her about the whole drama. Anandi is worried and sad. Sanchi tries to talk to Jagya but he doesn’t talk. Anandi goes to Ira and starts crying. Ira tells her not to worry and that everything is fine now. Sanchi too tries to calm her down in order to look good in her eyes. She tells her to go and visit them as she will feel good after meeting them. Everyone is surprised to see Sanchi’s changed behaviour towards Anandi. 

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