And this proves it!
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This week on Shakti, Harman, and Saumya cut the electricity supply of the entire village in retaliation. How will everyone react to this move? Later in the court, Rajat is shocked to see Chaddha as the opponent lawyer. In the next hearing, Rajat manages to get visitation rights for Harman and Saumya which makes them very happy! On hearing this, Sukkha is worried and ends up attacking Rajat.


Later, Harman and Saumya stop at a dhaba to use the washroom, however, Saumya was bullied for being a kinner by everybody around and was stopped from using the washroom. Looking at an upset Saumya, Harman goes the extra mile to build a washroom for her.





With so many obstacles coming up, what do you think will be the court’s decision? Will Rajat win this case for Harman and Saumya?




Tune in to Shakti from Monday to Friday at 8 pm to know more.

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