Another agnipariksha for Bhoomi! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 26th July- 1st August
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Ansu Baa, Dilip and Kishan were worried for Bhoomi as the doctor proclaimed her to be very weak after her kidnapping. Ansu Baa wanted to stay back but Bhoomi asked her to leave for Keshavgarh, and Ansu Baa agreed. (Watch as Ansu Baa worries for Bhoomi)

Back home, Parul’s ceaseless concern for Ansu Baa, Bhoomi and Kishan was reduced by Karsan when he told her that all of them were safe, and Parul was completely relieved when she spoke to Kishan on call.

After Ansu Baa came back, she asked to speak to Dilip and Karsan, while Hasmukh awaited his fate. After a long wait, Dilp and Karsan told Hasmukh that he had to leave the house. In panic, Hasmukh declared that he would not leave the house, and even blurted out that he had lied about Ramila’s illness. (Watch as Hasmukh is cornered)

This revelation caused a storm in the family as Ramila and Ansu Baa both felt betrayed by him. When Ansu Baa broke all relations with him and ordered him out of the house, Hasmukh tried to commit suicide, but was saved by Dilip and Ankit. (Watch the drama here)

Ansu Baa still wasn’t convinced, and finally Hasmukh had to leave the house. Happiness returned to the house when Kishan and Bhoomi came back, and they were welcomed by the whole family. When Kishan noticed Ramila’s lukewarm welcome, he asked about her, and Ansu Baa told him about Hasmukh’s plans of taking over the mill, and his punishment. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi find out about Hasmukh)

Ankit told the family that Hasmukh was fasting in the village temple, and Kishan tried unsuccessfully to convince Baa to forgive him. Kishan and Bhoomi also discussed Hasmukh’s punishment, and decided that they would bring the family back together. (Watch Kishan and Bhoomi’s decision here)

In a bid to convince Ansu Baa, Kishan and Dilip announced that they would sell off Hasmukh’s belongings and cut him out of the family photographs as he was no longer related to them. But this effort backfired as Ansu Baa asked them to stop and warned them that any mention of Hasmukh in the house would lead to her death. (Watch Ansu Baa’s proclamation here)

When Ramila went with Bharti to meet Hasmukh, he asserted that he would fast till Ansu Baa forgave him, which upset Ramila. Bharti created more trouble for Bhoomi by telling people about her being held captive by another man for 3 days, which shocked the villagers. (Click here to watch Bharti’s evil ploy)

On the other hand, when Bhoomi took good care of the cow Ganga, Ansu Baa wanted to reward her, but was disheartened when Bhoomi asked for Hasmukh’s return. Ansu Baa refused and asked her to learn about the rituals of her first fast after marriage. 

While spending some romantic moments together, Kishan noticed that Bhoomi hadn’t fully recovered from her weakness, and asked her not to observe the 5 day fast. (Watch as Kishan shows concern for Bhoomi)

Bhoomi decided to go ahead with the fast anyway, and got ready for the puja. Kishan also made Ansu Baa realize her concern for Hasmukh, and the family left for the temple where Hasmukh was fasting. Ansu Baa requested him to break the fast, but Hasmukh refused to do so till Ansu Baa forgave him. After a lot of cajoling, Ansu Baa finally forgave him, but also forbade him from using the Vaishnav surname, till he proved his loyalty. (Watch as Ansu Baa takes a decision)

The family failed to notice that their fellow devotees were whispering about Bhoomi, and were shocked when the devotees stopped Bhoomi from doing the puja, as her presence would pollute the temple. They said that since Bhoomi was in captivity with someone else, she was impure and hence couldn’t do the puja. (Watch as Bhoomi’s character is questioned)

How will the Vaishnav family tide over this new challenge created by Bharti?

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