Another challenge in Kunal’s life: (Parichay Weekly Recap 20th- 27th November)
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Last week started with Richa reassuring herself that Kunal will surely understand her worth some day, when Abhay gives her a call and invites him for a surprise. On the other hand Munh-dikhai rasam is on at Diwan House, where people are complaining about not being invited for the wedding. Richa reached Diwan House and is curious to know what's going on. She then walks up to Siddhi and congratulates her in a very condescending way accusing her of selling her conscience and claims that unlike Siddhi, she will only marry the man she had always loved. 

Siddhi retaliates by saying that she will always love Kunal all her life come what may! She lambasts Richa by saying that more than being with Kunal her motive in life is to keep Sinal apart (Don't we agree to this?) She challenges Richa and claims that as soon as her MAjboori is over, she will reunite with Kunal.

Abhay appreciates Siddhi's efforts to obey his mother's wish as Kunal enters. Abhay taunts him and tells him to get out! Kunal redicules him and says that he is not interested in his cheap drama and that he just wanted Abhay to know that he will not let his son Anand stay in the shallow world of Diwan's which just reeks of money and has no values or morals. On Abhay's denial Kunal claims that no one can keep him away from his son as he is his biological father. Abhay pays no heed to Kunal's threats and tells him to leave before Anand comes as he would not tolerate anyone talking to Abhay in this tone. Kunal reminds Abhay that Blood is thicker than water and Anand will definately choose his real father over him. After much altercation, both decide to meet in the court for Anand's custody.

Excited to see his brother, Anand asks Kunal if he got anand along and Kunal breaks the sad news. Anand gets upset as he believes that it will now be impossible for him to stay with his twing brother. Awww!

Meanwhile, Abhay and Richa argue about Richa being tensed unnecessarily, while Richa warns Abhay not to take Kunal's challenge lightly. Abhay decides to pose Siddhi against Kunal to fight for Anand's custody only to realize that she might fall week. Richa then takes out the ace in her favour and proposes her father, D.K. Thakral's name.

Kunal gets serious about fighting for his son and gets back to his books, just when old memories creep in and he starts remembering how Siddhi used to be his support system. Kunal feels strongly about winning this case but confides in Seema that he is scared from within and whenever he feels so, looking at his Anand he gets the courage to fight back!

Siddhi remembers the bitterness in Kunal's words just when her Anand enters. He confesses how much he hates her for taking this step and Siddhi tries to convinces him that she had to take this step because of some Majboori (You will get to know soon!). She then prays for Kunal's victory in the case. On the other hand, Thakral agrees to fight the case against Kunal and Sulekha tries everybit to brainwash Anand aginst Siddhi while he alredy detests her.

Kunal and Thakral's face-off! Thakral challenges Kunal's confidence and Kunal surprises him with his positive thinking. Thakral to instigate more hatered aginst Siddhi, tells him that it's her who had asked him to fight against Kunal.

In the court, Kunal realises that before he could file the case, Abhay has filed a case for older Anand's custody against him. (Thakral's another scheme to seek revenge from Kunal for his son's death). Kunal confronts Abhay for this action and he simply blames Siddhi to infuriate Kunal. On learning this, seema calls Siddhi and gives her a mouthful and despite Siddhi's denial she keeps blaming her for everything. Siddhi questions Surekha for the situation and Abhay intervenes saying that he had to do it as Kunal had threatened him to take Anand along. 

Kunal's Anand goes to Diwan mansion in disguise as the security mistake him for being the other Anand. But as he enters, Abhay spots him and scolds him to be in his room. While looking for Younger ANand's room, Anand accidently bumps into Siddhi and asks her why does she wants his custody when she doesn't love him and hs never been with him. Siddhi gives the same explanation but anand refuses to trust her!

Abhay gets to know about Kunal's NAnd and tries to brainwash him against Siddhi. He instigates hatered into his mind by saying that Siddhi nebver does what she promises and tries to pacify. Just when Anand leaves, Siddhi's Anand enters and confesses to Abhay that he wants to be with his brother. Abhay promises him to unite both the brother winning Anand's heart.

Siddhi calls Kunal and inquires if Anand has reached home? Kunal scolds everyone at home for being so careless about a nine year old kid. Later Kunal scold Anand and forbids him from talking to anyone from Diwan family including his brother Anand. Siddhi argues with Abhay for separating Kunal from his Anand and threatens him that she will never accept nand in the court. Abhay gets mad and warns her that if she will go against him, he would get both his sons killed.

Next day in the court, Siddhi tries to meet Kunala to request him to bcak-off but Sulekha stops her. 

Kunal and Abhay's face-off! Kunal tells Abhay to back-off but Abahy refuses saying that his politeness is often mistaken as his weakness and he wouldn't let this happen one more time!

Siddhi tries her luck once more and urges to Kunal to step-back but Kunal is headstrong and his herat oif full of revenge. He tells Siddhi that he would snatch everything from her and only then would breath. Menawhile Richa eneters and pretends to be unaware of everything.She goes on about how much she loves Kunala nd can go to any extent to support him before Kunal tells her to stop her speech!(Funny! Ain't it?) He tells her that she is fake and he realizes who could suggest Thakral's name against him.

On the other hand, Veena goes up to Siddhi and says that she has accepteed her defeat and doesn't have anything to say about her decisions of (leaving Kunal, marrying Abhay and Filing for Anand's custody). Before the episode ends, she pleads for Anand and tells Siddhi that she can't live without Anand.

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