Are you excited for ‘India Banega Manch’?
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  • May 2, 2017
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India Banega Manch is going to be one of the most unique talent hunt shows you’ll have the pleasure of watching on your television screens. Some of the most amazing talent will be on display on the streets of India with no audience, no votes and no judges. Artists with unique talents will perform on the busy streets of India and try to win the love of the crowd. (79)

The unique format of the show will make things very interesting to watch and pique your interest unlike anything else. Some of the things you will witness will have you staring in awe as people showcase their ability to do some amazing feats. There will be a range of talent on display which will have you wondering what is next? For the first time on Indian television, a reality TV show that will go beyond your expectations and keep throwing genuinely awesome surprises at you. If you want to see something astonishingly different, then this is the show you have been waiting for! (81)

'India Banega Manch' starts May 7, every Sat-Sun at 9 PM! You do not want to miss this!

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