Armaan vents out on heaven mates!
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  • September 17, 2013
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With Bigg Boss introducing a difficult task for the hell-mates, frustration and anger could clearly be seen on their face.  When they were asked to churn two wheels to provide basic needs for the heaven-mates, one person who couldn’t control his anger was Armaan who vented out his anger on the hell-mates. 

According to him, the people of the heaven side were not taking any note of their efforts and were being demanding. He also happened to remove his mike and revolt for his basic needs that were not getting fulfilled by Bigg Boss. He yelled and expressed his anger but was eventually comforted by the hell-mates. With Bigg Boss putting the hell-mates through real hell, it will be interesting to see how these inmates will react. 

Watch a sneak peek of the hell-mates' struggle here.

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