Ashok reaches Imarti’s bedroom! 3rd- 7th Dec Written Review
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The week started where it left off last week, with Anuj snatching the phone out of Ambi's hand. When he heard silence on the other side, he assumed it was Suman and apologized to her. He also asked Ambi to send food only for Suman, but she took enough food for Ashok as well. When Sweety came to Imarti Niwas, she created a drama of wanting to do Anuj's aarti but was chased out by Prakash. She later gathered a lot of people and announced that the Shrivastav family had thrown out their pregnant daughter-in-law. This created waves in the media and the police was called. Imarti wanted to show the house's papers to the police but since Prakash had given them to the goons, he convinced her otherwise. In the end Imarti was forced to take Ashok's family inside to avoid further humiliation.

Inside the house, Ashok's family was asked to stay in the common area. Ashok demanded that he should stay in Imarti's room, and enraged by this, Prakash wanted to slap him but Imarti stopped him. At night, Ambi reassured Ashok that Imarti would accept him. Then she went to Anuj and through their unborn child, explained to him what place a father has in a child's life. But Anuj refused to forgive Ashok. In the morning, Suman wanted to make tea for Ashok but Imarti warned her not to enter the kitchen and gave her a few utensils and a stove to cook. Anuj said that he had spoken to a lawyer and the matter could be sorted if the house papers were shown. Prakash vetoed the idea and said that he would find another solution to throw them out. 

Prakash went to the goons and asked them to threaten Ashok's family to leave the house without harming them. In Imarti Niwas, Ashok went inside Imarti's room and remembered all his old times with her. When he picked up the sindoor box, he was lost in the memories of filling Imarti's 'maang'. But in the present, Imarti stopped him from doing so and asked him to leave the room. But Ambi made her realize that he was still her husband. On the other hand, goons attacked Sunny who was returning from the market. But just as Sunny was fighting them off, 1 of the goons was about to stab him when Anuj came and saved Sunny. But instead of thanking Anuj, Sunny accused him of sending the goons himself!

Back home, everyone saw Anuj and Sunny injured and were worried. Sunny accused Anuj again but Ashok rushed to Anuj's defence saying that his son would never do something like that. Anuj stormed off, claiming he was not his son and that he didn't need to defend himself. Ambi confronted Prakash about the goons after seeing his guilty expression but Kusum overheard and yelled at her for suspecting her husband. The next day, Ashok was sick and Imarti tried not to  show any concern. But she sent everybody away and made special tea for him. Sunny and Sweety were not ready to take him to the doctor's so Ambi took him. After coming back, Ashok declared that he was sick and couldn't sleep outside and wanted to sleep in Imarti's room. 

But his sons refused and said there was no place for him. Imarti relented and let him stay in her room with a partition between them. Ashok harassed her by snoring loudly so Imarti had to silence him. In the morning, Ashok left tea for her with a note but she tore the note and left. The lawyer came and asked for the papers but Imarti couldn't find them anywhere. Anuj accused Ashok of stealing them, which left him disheartened. On the other hand, Ambi warned Prakash that if he didn't bring the papers, she would report him. Prakash went to the goons to get the papers back. Ashok followed him there and saw Prakash being manhandled by the goons. Prakash came back home disheartened and got angry when Ashok came to his room. But he was shocked when Ashok handed him the papers back to him! 

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