Balika Vadhu to do a 3 Idiots
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  • August 2, 2013
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Balika Vadhu will see Ganga delivering Gehna’s child with the help of Jagya’s instructions on phone. Jagya gets stuck in heavy rains and can’t reach the hospital. Gehna starts getting labor pain and is brought to the hospital by Basant. And as Jagya is not there Ganga will take the responsibility of delivering Gehna’s baby. Though Basant is apprehensive about Ganga as she is not a professional and he doesn’t want to risk Gehna and the baby’s life but Jagya assures him that things will be fine as he has full trust on Ganga that she will be able to do it. Ganga does the job perfectly. And Gehna’s baby is born healthy and safe. There are no complications during the delivery and Ganga with her little medical knowledge and Jagya’s confidence and help is able to help Gehna and Basant in this emergency situation.

This reminds us of the 10 minutes long scene from 3 Idiots where Aamir Khan delivers Mona Singh’s (who is playing Kareena’s elder sister) baby with the help of Kareena who is telling him the procedure to deliver a baby.

Though in Balika Vadhu the scene will not have those unique inventions of the equipments which  in 3 Idiots Aamir and  the other cast members of the film uses. Ganga with her this good deed will definitely win over Gehna and Basant which might lead to her getting back into the badi haveli.    

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