Bani chooses Parmeet over Sohum #Weekly Update – 7th May to 14th May
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In the beginning of the week we saw how Sohum’s family and Parmeet’ family reached Bani’s house for her rishta. This put Desho and Sarabjeet in a fix, but the former sidelined Sohum’s family. Watch this sequence here.

Manpreet shows a picture of Parmeet to everyone and Maamiji asks if the car in the photo is his. Manpreet goes on to describe how well-settled Parmeet is abroad and how he has helped in growing the business at home. Hearing this success story and floored by the richness, Desho immediately says yes for the proposal! Watch as Desho dreams of Bani living a luxurious life.

Desho brings out Bani to meet Parmeet’s family and she serves them tea. Simran and Angad feel bad looking at her. Meanwhile, Ghuggi and Sohum are daydreaming about Bani’s meeting with their family and how everyone would have accepted the proposal. Watch as Sohum dreams about marrying Bani while in her house she meets her future-in-laws. 

Manpreet asks Desho to give them some time to decide but she forces them to discuss immediately. She gives the family some private time to discuss and Sarabjeet chides her for acting impatient. Later, Parmeet’s family announced their decision and states their wish to make Bani their bahu. When Dadaji asks her if she’s okay with the rishta, Bani is confused what to answer. Watch as Bani sacrifices her personal wish and says yes for the proposal for Desho’s happiness.

Rajji is upset with Bani’s decision and scolds her for the same. She blames her for spoiling Sohum’s life but Bani remains firm on her decision to marry Parmeet and explains that she’s doing this for her family’s happiness. Watch their argument in this video.

Dadaji tells Desho that Parmeet will be back in another 12 days so they could do the engagement then and the wedding ceremony after 2 years. Desho is not happy to hear this and forces them to do the marriage as soon as possible. Watch as the two families discuss Bani’s wedding plans.

Simran and Angad return home and Sohum is desperate to know the details. They both apologize to him but he’s unable to understand what’s happening. Eventually Sarabjeet also reaches there and says sorry to Sohum for breaking his promise. Watch as Sohum hears the sad news of Bani’s marriage.

Bani goes to the gurudwara and meets Rano who asks her about Sohum. On hearing his name, Bani feels guilty and bursts out crying. Rajji comes to meet her in the gurudwara and shouts on her for spoiling her own future. Bani explains how she felt bad for Sohum but had to think about her mother first. All this while, Sohum is standing behind the pillar and listening to their conversation. Watch as Sohum is shocked to know the truth behind Bani’s decision.

Sohum feels guilty for acting selfish and decides to be there for Bani’s happiness. She too resolves to solve her family issues before marriage and promises Beeji that she will make the wall between two houses is pulled down. Watch as Sohum and Bani take charge of the situation.

Will Desho agree to Bani’s condition and give her consent to pull down the wall? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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