Bani meets her Bestie Gauhar Khan on Bigg Boss 10!
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The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house has been quite emotional this week. Housemates have been meeting their family members who are sharing some important tips with them, boosting their morale and encouraging them to give their best shot in this game.


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Earlier this week, it looked like Bani wouldn’t be able to meet her Bestie, Gauhar Khan, the winner of Bigg Boss Season 8 who came all the way to get a ‘Jhappi’ from her. The condition was that Manu and Swami Om should nominate themselves for Bani to be able to meet Gauhar.


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Bani is rather upset that she won’t be able to meet her loved one and keeps calling out Gauhar’s name. While she stands at the main door of Bigg Boss house, Gauhar enters running with joy and hugs Bani. All the housemates watch this touching moment between two best friends. Even in this emotional moment, Gauhar doesn’t forget to thank Manu and Swami Om for giving her an opportunity to meet Bani.


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Later on, Gauhar tells Bani that she shouldn’t give up. She believes that Bani is playing extremely well and she should give it her all.


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Will Bani listen to Gauhar and become stronger? Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10 to watch the drama unfold, every Sat- Sun at 9PM!

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