Bani says yes for the NRI proposal #Bani Weekly Update 2nd Apr to 8th Apr
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The week began with Desho asking her brother to find a suitable NRI groom for Bani’s marriage. He tries to make her understand that good proposals are available in India too and living abroad isn’t everything but Desho remains adamant and asks him to help. Watch their conversation in this video.

Mami overhears this conversation and taunts Desho on her dreams to marry Bani in a NRI family. Bani defends her parents and states how proud she is of them. While Mami continues to taunt Desho, a lady comes with a prospective NRI marriage proposal for Bani. Watch this sequence right here.

Everyone in the family is happy with this proposal except Rajji and Bani. Confused, Bani heads over to the Gurudwara and while hearing a sermon she decides to listen to her inner voice and reject this proposal. At the same time, Desho comes to know that Nirvail did a background check on the groom Amrik and happy with this she invites them to come over for the groom’s meeting. Watch as seeing her two families coming together, Bani changes her mind and say yes for her family’s sake. 

In the night, Rajji asks Bani to not commit a mistake and think about what happened with Rano. Bani tries to explain how her marriage will get their families united again and she will do anything to keep her family happy. Rajji asks her to think about Sohum. On hearing his name, Bani shuts her up saying she doesn’t believe he has any feelings. Sohum is shown sitting dejected after hearing about Bani’s marriage and thinks about getting a visa done soon. But his brother comes and warns him to not even think about abroad. Watch as Sohum has to choose between his love and family.

Next day Beeji along with Nirvail and family come to Bani’s house. After the reunion Desho starts getting things ready for Amrik’s family and Bani braves herself to face the situation. Watch as the two families come under one roof after 22 years.

On the pretext of buying sweets, Rajji leaves the house to find Sohum in immigration office. She confronts him about his feelings for Bani and pleads with him to offer his proposal to Bani.At first, Sohum doesn’t believe her intentions but eventually confesses his love for Bani but says he will only ask her hand once he has the visa in his hand. Watch as Rajji tries to convince Sohum to help.
Amrik’s family arrives and is introduced with everyone. Once everyone is settled down, Bani brings tea for them and while serving she’s lost in thoughts and accidentally drops tea on Amrik. Watch this sequence right here.

Will Amrik’s family accept Bani and how will Rajji manage to call off this wedding? Keep watching this space to know more updates!

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