Bani takes the Captaincy Oath on Bigg Boss 10
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Yesterday saw the commencement of the task for Captaincy in the Bigg Boss house. This being the task for the first Captain of the season, the excitement barometer was pretty high. Out of the three contenders, Manu, Bani and Swami Om, Bani emerged the victor last evening. With the lead of overall 8 members in the team, Bani proved herself. But now comes the real grilling of the task. Bani is made to take the Captaincy Oath where she takes responsibilities of shouldering all the tasks well. 

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It goes without saying that since she is the Captain, her freewill and command will have to be accepted by everyone in the house, even by those who might despise her.


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Bani makes the first move by deciding who will sleep on which bed. Her order of decision upsets Mona and Manveer. Mona isn't happy about where Manu has been asked to sleep and throws a fit about the same. On the other hand Manveer grumbles that others can work too, it's not fair that Bani is asking only them to work.


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To all this drama, Manu responds saying that Bani is the captain and she is absolutely entitled to take any decision she likes. Well, Mona and Manveer's reactions to this are worth a watch.
Looks like the week is coming to a close with more seeds being planted to sprout fights. Tune into Bigg Boss tonight at 10.30PM!⁠⁠⁠⁠

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