Beera to find out Daddaji’s dark secret!
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It is a time of great changes in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha-2, and perhaps no one is feeling the heat of these changes more than Beera. Since he left Daddaji’s side to get married to Navika, he has been weighed down by the guilt of betraying Navika. To add to his troubles, he has also been blackmailed by Daddaji to dump Navika in return for Mohan’s freedom.

Beera, with his sense of responsibility towards Mohan, will accept Daddaji’s condition and dump Navika in the hope that Daddaji and Addu will stop persecuting Mohan. In this bargain, he will also earn Navika’s hatred but the worst part is that all this effort won’t be worth it! After telling Navika the truth about his plan to betray her, he will find out that Daddaji has no intention of living up to his promise and bailing Mohan out. If that was not enough, Beera will also get the shock of his life as he finds out that Daddaji is neck deep in the child kidnapping racket for a long time!

Beera, though aware of all of Daddaji’s illicit businesses, always thought Daddaji couldn’t fall as low as kidnapping children. He has even defended Daddaji in front of Navika and Mohan when they accused Daddaji of heading the kidnapping racket. So obviously, this revelation will come as a major shock to him. After finding out about Daddaji’s conspiracy, Beera will stand by the Bhatnagar family and fight against Daddaji and Munna.

As far as Daddaji is concerned, he was never too attached to his grandson Beera. Daddaji has always felt that Beera was not up to the task of being his successor, and has always passed him over for Munna (Addu). Before Beera’s wedding to Navika, Daddaji had also revealed to his cronies that Beera would be bumped off if he protested against his profitable child kidnapping racket. So it won’t be too much trouble for him to fight his own grandson, whom he considers weak and useless.

After this revelation, the battle lines are going to be clearly drawn between Mohan and Munna’s side, with relations strained all over. And it is intriguing to think about how it will end. So stay tuned!

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