Beg, Borrow or Steal to win the task!
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It’s Diwali Time and Bigg Boss starts the day with one of the most energetic songs 'Dekha Jo tujhe Yaar Dil mein Baji Guitar' to set the crackling mood on fire. As usual Rajev is seen getting touchy feely with Aashka which irritates Delnaaz and she looks completely annoyed and tells him to stop all this nonsense.

The usual household activities once again strain the atmosphere in the house amongst the inmates. This time it’s regarding cleaning utensils.Urvashi and Niketan have a small discussion over Rajev and Vishal not washing their utensils properly but eventually Niketan manages to explain things to Vishal and Rajev and sort it out.

Sapna is seen discussing about the wild card entries’ behaviour with others. She says while Vishal is treading a straight path, Mink seems to be going the snake and ladder way by taking a haphazard trail. Other housemates also seem to be displeased with Mink’s negative attitude especially Sana and Rajev. They discuss about Mink’s arrogance and downbeat conduct with them. 

A Diwali special task is announced by Bigg Boss which requires the housemates to be divided into two teams and paint 1200 Diyas within the given deadline. Vrajesh is infuriated and cribs about the task lasting for 48 hours making all of them sleep deprived. Other housemates doubt Vrajesh for faking this anger to complete some secret task given by Bigg Boss. While all these speculations are going on in housemates’ minds,Vrajesh is seen talking to one of the cameras confessing how he was playing a cheap trick so that he doesn’t have to participate in the task at night.

Vishal is seen telling Vrajesh about winning the task by 'Saam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed' which Vrajesh agrees to and and steals one full tray of Diyas from the opposite team in their absence.

Eventually Vrajesh manages to get away with the task and gets his share of beauty sleep and the day ends with the beautifully painted diyas spreading light welcoming the Big day of Diwali in the Bigg Boss house.

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