Best of Week 5 on Bigg Boss 10
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Week 5 saw a lot of fights and arguments in the house. A scramble of emotions and challenges where the face-offs took place in an interesting manner. Let's have a look at what made Week 5 -'feud-ilicous'




Eviction of Navin Prakash
Last Sunday we saw Navin Prakash getting evicted from the house Bigg Boss house.

Lock Down Task for the Luxury Budget 
This week, Bigg Boss introduced the lock down task for the luxury budget, where the belongings of the housemates had been taken away and kept in a separate container in the garden area. The contestants had to dress up in sack clothes for the task. The task also saw  the house being divided into Team Rohan and Team Mona, in order to compete for the challenges to win the luxury budget.

Source of Entertainment and Plight- Swami Om
Swami Om gets into trouble pretty often in the Bigg Boss house. At the start of the week his arguments commenced with Mona and Manu and this got down to the level of serious word bashing. During the lock down task, he continued wearing his 'laal choga' and kept snatching food from other members. He also fought with the team mates to get him his medicines from the container in the garden area. 

Lopa and Bani- Crazy Catfights
The feisty queen, Lopa, has lived through a week of heated arguments with the first captain of Bigg Boss 10, Bani. The two got into couple of spats over the week and made a fitting jodi for best cat fights in the house. Lopa also got into a tiff with Rohan, who is the current captain of the house. The two were raging mad at each other.

Rohan becomes the next captain 
Rohan, Lopa, Rahul and Karan were selected to compete for the position of Captain. While Rohan and Rahul had a face-off in a sporty task, Lopa and Karan had to do a balancing task. Rohan and Lopa won and the housemates had to pick a captain for the week between the two. Rohan won by majority.


Bani- the bossy Captain
Last week Bani won the captaincy task. During her tenure as a captain, Bani  made sure the tasks were carried out and didn't budge an inch from her adamant nature of having things done her way. 

Nomination ka naya style
Last week, on weekend ka vaar, the celebrities got a dose from Salman, that they are becoming boring on the show. So this week the nomination process saw the deal of picking the boring ones in the Bigg Boss 10 house for the nominations.

Well, that's a wrap on week 5! Tune in to catch the Weekend ka Vaar at 9pm tonight!                      

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