Bhoomi defies Gayatri to confess her love for Kishan! Sanskaar Weekly Recap: 22nd-28th Feb
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After talking to Kishan about his marriage, Parul was given a scare by Ketki who hinted that he would find a girl in the US that would not fit in their family. Nani, on the other hand, was shocked to see Bhoomi in the bridal outfit and assumed that Bhoomi and Kishan got married. Gayatri heard Nani asking Bhoomi about Kishan, and in her rage, promised Nani that Bhoomi would marry an Indian. Bhoomi realized that she loved Kishan and tried to find out if he liked him back by talking about her marriage.

He gave a noncommittal response, and justified it to himself by thinking that he had too many responsibilities. 

The next day, Gayatri was unusually cheerful as she took Bhoomi and Nani for an outing, where they met Rammy, an old friend, who according to Gayatri was the most eligible Indian bachelor in the US owing to his billionaire status. Kishan visited Shaukat instead, and unwittingly blurted out that he loved Bhoomi when he was asked about being distracted. Back home, Bhoomi invited Kishan for Rammy’s birthday party, and Gayatri too, insisted that he come, making Nani suspicious about her intentions.

In Gujarat, Bharti refused to get married as her prospective in-laws demanded that the wedding take place within the next 2 days. Ansu baa assured her that everything would be arranged by Kishan without any trouble. 

At the party, Kishan arrived just as Bhoomi was getting restless, but Gayatri took charge, and insulted Kishan and his ‘Indianness’ in front of all the guests. Kishan managed to respond to every taunt of hers and earn everybody’s respect. But it was too much to bear for Kishan when Gayatri handed him a bowl and taunted him about being an Indian beggar in the US. This is when Bhoomi stepped in and not only told her mother off, but also declared in front of everyone that she loved Kishan! 

Kishan was shell-shocked and left the party after this confession. Bhoomi followed him and asked him to respond, even if he didn’t love her. Kishan was about to reply when he got a call from his mother, who told him about Bharti’s situation and how the family was worried that Kishan had forgotten his responsibilities. He assured Parul that he would fulfil all his duties, and moved towards Bhoomi to finish his incomplete reply.

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