Bhoomi looks for missing Avni! Sanskaar Recap 16th-22nd August
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Kishan tried to reduce Bhoomi’s worries about Bharti by taking her to a park and making her understand, after which Bhoomi agreed with Kishan. (Watch the scene here)

Avni fell into Akshay’s trap as she got clicked wearing the modern outfits given to her by Bhoomi. Bhoomi’s attempts to talk to Ankit also failed, as he had decided to make Bharti his wife.

Bharti and Bhoomi had another confrontation, where Bhoomi asked her not to destroy the family, but Bharti refused to listen. (Watch the confrontation here)

Bhoomi was shocked when Avni showed her the pictures in the modern outfit, and lied that she tried them for fun. Bhoomi asked Avni to delete the pictures as it would hurt the family’s families, and Avni also asked Akshay to delete the pictures.

The family was happily getting ready for Raksha Bandhan, when Mayank found Avni’s photo on a magazine cover and created a scene over it. Bhoomi got the whole blame for Avni’s fault as Avni confessed to getting the clothes from Bhoomi. Bhoomi tried to explain her side of the story, but Mayank blamed her upbringing for Avni’s mistake. (Watch the scene here)

Mayank decided to put an end to Avni’s education, but Bhoomi requested him not to do so, earning another insult from him.

Kishan asked Bhoomi about the clothes, and when Bhoomi explained her story to him, he decided to talk to Ansu Baa about it. The family was divided about the issue, with Karsan and Parul supporting Bhoomi and the rest of them against Bhoomi. Bhoomi and Kishan refused to blame Avni in front of Ansu Baa to save her the trouble, and Bhoomi got punished by Ansu Baa, who declared that she would not feed her first. (Watch the scene here)

Kishan decided to find out the truth behind Avni’s photo getting published in the magazine. Akshay sneaked into Avni’s room, and proposed to her. Bhoomi saw Akshay in Avni’s room and confronted him about Avni being in trouble. (Watch the scene here)

Akshay made Avni promise that he would come for the play. Avni told Bhoomi that she liked Akshay and wanted to think about her future with him. Kishan also decided to be strict with Avni when he found out about Akshay sneaking into the house.

Akshay called Avni and coaxed her into coming for the play, and Avni left after leaving a message for Bhoomi that she would be home before the Raksha Bandhan ceremony. (Watch the scene here)

Bhoomi was shocked to see the message and decided to go to the college to bring Avni back. Kishan was puzzled when he couldn’t find Bhoomi anywhere but had to face the family’s ire when they noticed that both Avni and Bhoomi were missing. (Watch the scene here)

Bhoomi was shocked when she found that the college was shut for the day, and told Kishan about Avni being missing. Meanwhile, Akshay took Avni to a desolate room and consoled her that they would rehearse there before the play. He gave her a spiked drink which made her dizzy. Akshay was pleased about his plan working and sent a message to Bhoomi from Avni’s phone, which shocked Bhoomi. (Watch the scene here)

Will Bhoomi manage to get Avni out of Bharti’s trap and save her? Or will the family be destroyed before her eyes?

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