Bhoomi to be blamed for Bharti’s suicide attempt
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  • April 22, 2013
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Bhoomi seems to be having a hard time trying to fit into Kishan’s family since they got married. She showed her dedication to Ansu Baa by trying her best in the 3 challenges that have been thrown at her till now. But just as Ansu Baa was showing signs of accepting Kishan back into the family fold, things are about to get a lot worse for Bhoomi.

We know that Bharti has been pinning her hopes on Ansu Baa’s promise of getting her married to Kishan. But when she saw Ansu Baa blessing Kishan, she misunderstood that she had given her approval for Kishan and Bhoomi’s match. And heartbroken by this development, she will try to end her life by jumping into the well in the courtyard.

Bhoomi and Kishan, on the other hand, are shocked to know about Ansu Baa’s promise to Bharti. Kishan will confess that he would have married Bharti to honour Ansu Baa’s word if it were not for Bhoomi. He will also try talking to Bharti about the situation but will not succeed in intercepting her before she tries to kill herself. 

Bhoomi, on the other hand, will try to save Bharti’s life when she jumps into the well, but will sink deeper into Hasmukh’s trap by doing so. As there will be no witness to the incident other than Hasmukh, he will accuse Bhoomi of trying to get rid of Bharti by pushing her in the well. And since Bhoomi has no way of proving otherwise, she will become the victim of Ansu Baa’s ire once more.

Talking about this sequence, Yashashree, who plays Bharti, says, “Yes, Bharti will try to kill herself as all her hopes of marrying Kishan have been dashed. I hope she comes out unscathed from this whole ordeal.”

Bhari might survive this suicide attempt, but it will undoubtedly bring fresh trouble for Bhoomi. She will have Kishan’s support for sure, but will the rest of the family believe her? You’ll have to wait and watch! 


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