Bhoomi wins the challenge and Rukmini Baa”s heart! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 3rd-9th May
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Bhoomi and Kishan tried to repair the tap in the courtyard and nearly succeeded, but finally they had to call the plumber to repair the tap. Though Kishan bargained with the plumber over his charges, Bhoomi had to pay Rs. 150, which meant that Bhoomi had spent all of her money and had to make do with no money till the end of the challenge. (Watch how Bhoomi is faced with the challenge)

Dilip suspected that Ketki had damaged the tap in the courtyard, and confronted her in front of Bhoomi, but was surprised to see Bhoomi supporting Ketki. Kishan too, was overjoyed on witnessing Bhoomi’s understanding and thanked her for it. 

Bhoomi was tensed as Ansu Baa asked her to keep Rs. 501 ready for the Krishna Abhishek in the temple, but was confident that she would arrange for the money. Rukmini Baa, Ansu Baa’s sister in law, arrived un-announced, and refused to eat anything when she found out that Kishan had married Bhoomi in the US. (Watch as Rukmini Baa thunders at the family)

Bhoomi and Kishan went to Rukmini Baa’s house to make her eat, but she refused to do so. Suddenly, Rukmini Baa choked on the almonds that she was eating, and while the rest of the family panicked and watched, Bhoomi helped Rukmini Baa and sternly ordered her to take care of herself. (Watch as Bhoomi saves Rukmini Ba from choking)

Ansu Baa was angry at Bhoomi for her behaviour, but Rukmini Baa surprised the family by approving of Bhoomi and telling Ansu Baa that she was the perfect bahu for the household. She gave a shagun of Rs. 1001 to Bhoomi, which took care of the abhishek expenses and made Bhoomi win the task. 

She also asked Bhoomi to make basundi for her in an hour, before she left for her house. (Watch as Bhoomi gets Rukmini Baa’s blessings

Bhoomi, not knowing how to prepare basundi, called Nani for help, but looked up the recipe on the net on her advice. Kishan was really happy with Bhoomi for winning Rukmini Baa’s heart, and expressed his love for her. (Watch Kishan and Bhoomi’s romantic moment here)

But Ketki used this distraction to pour lemon juice into the milk, which caused the milk to curdle, much to Bhoomi’s horror. Ketki taunted Bhoomi about going back to the US after failing the task, but Bhoomi retorted with suspicion when she found lemon seeds in the milk. (Watch as Bhoomi suspects Ketki of foul play)

Bhoomi finally found a way out by looking at recipes of curdled milk, and got to the job of making some sweets. Kishan was distraught when he heard about the incident, but Bhoomi assured him that she would not disappoint Rukmini Baa. (Watch Bhoomi’s resolve here)

With Bhoomi’s challenge at such a crucial juncture, will Bhoomi manage to win Ansu Baa’s heart?


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