Big Boss 9, Day 73:What?! Mandana’s real face comes out in front of housemates!
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Yesterday I told you how Mandana fought with her own friends in the house. later, we also saw Mandana breaking down in front of Gizele and then for a petty Chocolate issue. Phew! So many behavioral changes in one day? But, what hasn't changed is Mandana's 'rude' behaviour, according to the housemates. 

Today while sitting in the garden area with everyone, Gizelle brought out a topic, wherein Mandana had passed rude remarks about her. Initially, Mandana tried to convince everyone that Priya was manipulating the situation but when Gizele came out with a few more things Mandana had said, she dismissed took an escapists route and went inside. Gizele, Rishabh and Priya all confronted her and that is when Mandana blurted abusive statements at them. What?! Looks like the 'Bicchu' has shown the real fitrat finally! 

Rishabh, who is quite practical, warned her by saying that she was an opportunist and there was still one month left for the game to get over, wher he will ensure no one falls for her trap. Ouch! 

Another incident happened the same day, where Mandana while working in the Kitchen passed an extremely racist comment about Priya and said, “Go back to Australia. Ye Bigg Boss hai Big Brother nahi.” Really Now!? Irrespective of not being an Indian citizen herself, she made this nasty comment about Priya. This did not go down too well with anyone present over there and Mandana sure felt a little awkward. 

But is there any remorse left in Mandana? Will housemates seclude her like earlier? Is it time yet for her to pack her bags? Don't miss  tonight's episode at 10:30 pm. 

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