Bigg Boss 10 housemates fight over Luxury Budget Task!
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Tonight, the nominated contestants lose it. They are extremely tired and refuse to pedal. Lopamudra is cooking in the kitchen and asks Priyanka that the gas needs to be on. The nominated contestants have to pedal so that the gas can be switched on. Bani gets off the cycle and says that she cannot do it anymore. When everything is ready she will start pedaling. Elena tells Lopamudra to show them what all is preparation has been made for cooking. This irks Lopamudra and doesn’t go well with Priyanka either.


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Later on, Nitibha talks to the other housemates and asks them about the problem in cooking something of someone’s choice. Lopamudra reminds her that it was agreed upon that only oats and ‘Burji’ is to be cooked so that the nominated contestants have to pedal the least. Lopamudra tells Priyanka that she should explain this to the nominated contestants. When Priyanka goes to speak to the nominated contestants Bani clarifies that they just expect some time management in this task as they are already tired because of continuous pedaling.


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The continuous back and forth discussions are testing everyone’s patience however Nitibha seems to be most bugged. She snaps back at Priyanka and this leads to another small argument between them.


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Tune in to Bigg Boss 10 tonight at 10.30PM to know more about this!

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