Bigg Boss 10: Salman is extremely angry with Swami Om
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Over the week, a lot has transpired in the Bigg Boss 10 house. The BB taxi stand task and the Captaincy task have brought up interesting topics to have a run of arguments over. However, Swami Om's unapologetic behaviour during both the events left everyone aghast. 


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Tonight, we see someone else being thoroughly upset about it too and that is none other than Salman Khan. On Weekend ka Vaar today, Salman decides to straighten Swami Om and draws a border line to his heinous conduct over the week.  


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Salman tells Swami Om that he had no right to do something so disgraceful in front of the housemates or on the TV show during the BB Taxi stand task. He should have coughed up the required amount and use the washroom instead.


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This code of indecency had surpassed his level of patience and he was really angry about it. And he loses his cool all the more when Swami Om responds by saying that Gaurav had challenged him to do this.


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Salman further goes on to say that Swami Om should not have spoken in the manner he spoke to Lopa. Swami Om, in his defense says that he had apologized to Lopa. Salman hits back him saying that an apology is not always going to be saving grace of his stooping behaviour with the housemates.


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Bani, who was the target of Swami Om's harsh words yesterday about her mother, during the Captaincy task, has been raging mad at Swami Om. Salman makes it very clear to Swami Om that he has no right what-so-ever to make such pathetic comments about someone else's mother. How could he not even think before uttering such awful words for Bani's mother?

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Salman warns Swami Om that he must not cross his limits!
Looks like there is going to be a lot dhamaaka on Weekend ka Vaar tonight at 9PM! Tune into catch a glimpse of these fireworks!

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