Bigg Boss 9, Day 18: Lesson of the day- When you turn your back to something, you get a kick in the back!
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Khabri is back with more updates and if the last two were not that interesting, this one will blow your mind. While Mandana and Digangana did their tasks, the others must be wondering what to expect next. The level of difficulty in the tasks has increased considerably. What will happen next?

In the third task, one contestant was to sit in the squats position in front of a large wheel. At the same time another contestant had to turn the wheel, which also had a shoe attached. The task started and the wheel turned, thus hitting the contestant as he continued to squat.

Keith Sequeira decides to take up the task and the newly crowned captain Prince Narula was given the task of turning the wheel. Keith was given a few painful blows but all in the name of tasks. Well, when there's Keith there is always zest .. But, can you guess if he was able to hold his anger and keep his voice down as he winched in pain? Was he able to pick up the 250 points on offer? Tune into Bigg Boss 9 tonight to find out more!

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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