Bigg Boss 9, Day 24: Watch out for the new joker in town!
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  • November 4, 2015
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Tonight on Bigg Boss, the new guests Ali Quli Mirza and Sana Khan will be seen making a re-entry into the Bigg Boss house. You can expect a lot more drama and action from these guests who were seen trying their level best to push the contestants to the edge. They were pretty demanding, and I swear that if I was in their place I would have done something to someone for good. He…He…

After dragging fellow inmates into inane fights a tad too often with her loud personality, she became the next one to come in their target list. Guess who this contestant was? Oh! I know you must have gotten an idea as to who that unfortunate or according to me ‘deserving’ housemate is going to be.

The task which took a u-turn in a rather interesting involved the use of makeup that made the contestant look all so gory and that reminded me of the joker from the movie Dark Knight. Yes! You heard it right; the loud mouth in the Bigg boss house will be seen in a joker avatar entertaining the inmates. LOL!! I burst out laughing when I saw her brand new avatar and I thought she looked pretty good in it. Wink;) I hoped a lot more out of her but she just sat there on the couch like a maharani. Grrrr….

To find out who the new joker in town is, don’t forget to catch the tonight’s episode at 10:30 PM.

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