Bigg Boss 9, Day 27: It’s time to get your act together says Salman Khan to Rimi
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The cherry on the cake is always the weekend sessions with Salman Khan. And why not? Salman Khan brings every weekend a new flavour on the show with his wit and humor and sometimes on your face bluntness. The Bigg Boss house is a tough place to be and surviving  away from family and friends can be pretty daunting. The one person that I have seen constantly begging to be sent back home is Rimi Sen, and for god knows what reasons. It is certainly tough but the ways things are at the house at the moment, it looks like the other inmates have adjusted pretty well and making the most of their situation. At first her cribbing seemed pretty cute, but with with every passing week, it has started to get on my nerves. Rimi, please stop! Whining all the time can get a little bit irritating. Rimi has become like an old tape that keeps on playing again and again, with no rewind, fast forward or stop button. LOL! 

So, it wasn’t just me who was tired of her constant, I can’t do it’ atitude, even Salman Khan was seen giving her back, this time around. For someone who has done so many movies with such big names in the industry, her attitude is çeratinly not going to take her too far.

Salman Khan was seen telling Rimi on how she has gotten such a great opportuity to appear on televsion everyday but she does not care and is all the time singing the same old story. It’s s high time she put herself together. I am absolutely bored of her now! Salman even pointed out on how Rimi is a strong person and that he has always seen her put her opninions across. 

To find out what all Salman said to Rimi, don’t forget to catch tonights epsiode at 9PM

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