Bigg Boss 9, Day 53: Kishwer cries after the fight with Prince!
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After a big fight with Kishwer, Prince was not in the best of his mood, Priya even told him that he was acting biased with everyone. This all started when Prince snapped at Kawaljit.

Prince thought that Kawaljit made a comment about Prince’s dad and he couldn’t take that. Kishwer defended Kawaljit and told Prince that nothing of that sort had happened. Later when the housemates were all sitting and talking about the fight, Suyyash told everyone that the bond that he, Kishwer and Prince had once upon a time, wasn’t that strong anymore.

Suyyash also told Prince that Kishwer actually thought very high of him and valued him as a true brother. Hearing this Kishwer became emotional and started crying. She let her emotions out then and there. Suyyash continued to clear things out with Prince and told him where he was wrong.

Will Prince apologize to Kishwer? Or will he let his ego do the talking? Find out on the next episode.

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