Bigg Boss 9, Day 56: Bajirao commands the house!
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  • December 6, 2015
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While Ranveer was on the set of Bigg Boss, he also met the housemates through video conferencing via Me TV. As he is the Bajirao, he made all the housemates wear the ‘saafa’ or turban which he wore in the movie. 

He also made the housemates do a lot of fun tasks while he was talking to them. He told that he would give the title of Bajirao to any guy in the house who would say a series of dialogues from the film better than the rest of them. In another task he went on a quest to find Mastaani for the house. So he told them to do a Kushti task between the ladies. Seems highly unlikely for some girls but trust me you are gonna be surprised at the results.

So who became the Bajirao and who was the Mastaani. I, for sure, am not gonna tell you that. Find out on your own on the next episode!

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