Bigg Boss 9, Day 58: Priya gets cornered!
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  • December 8, 2015
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Priya undoubtedly has been an effective captain in the house till now, but most of the housemates have been against her. Earlier we saw her fight with Prince and it got very rough between them.

But on day 58, it seemed like the other housemates were also onto Priya for misusing her powers and making her own rules in the house. After her severe ego clash with Prince, even Rochelle had enough of Priya’s torture and she complained to Bigg Boss that Priya was gravely misusing her powers as the captain of the house.

Later in the day, Mandana also had a brawl with Priya as she got irritated with her too. Seems like everyone is getting back at Priya for being to overbearing. What goes around comes around people! So be careful about your actions because payback can be pretty devastating.

How will Priya handle this machine gun of allegations? Watch the next episode to know!

Bigg Boss Khabri.

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