Bigg Boss 9, Day 59: ‘I’m not Mandana’ says Gizele!
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  • December 9, 2015
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Gizele has been in the house for a couple of days now and seems like she has already flagged a few things down to the housemates. One, she is not a weak contestant. Second one was maybe a bit too heated.

While the ‘BB Mansion’ task, Rochelle and Nora were sitting in the garden area and talking about Gizele. And then all of a sudden Rochelle started shouting ‘Ghar mein nayi Mandana aagyi!’ Apparently Gizele, who was a ghost, was nearby and got the message. She walked right up to Rochelle and told her that she wasn’t ‘Mandana’ and that she was herself which Rochelle has never been.

She told her that she has been acting fake all the time trying to copy others including Mandana. Oooh! Seems like Bhoot has feelings too. Rochelle didn’t respond as she was among the humans and she had to ignore the ghosts. Later, she complained about Rochelle to Keith telling him to keep her in limits.

A new rivalry is popping from the cracks of the Bigg Boss House. What will happen next? Find out on the next episode! 

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