Bigg Boss 9, Day 59: Jealousy brewing in the air!
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  • December 9, 2015
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When the two new wild cards entered the house, all eyes turned to the single guys of the Bigg Boss 9 house, Rishabh and Prince. After their sizzling entry, when the housemates asked Rishabh which one of the two wild card contestants he liked, he took Nora’s name. So it is pretty evident that he has a crush on her.
But on day 59, we saw that Nora was getting close to Prince and Prince was there with open arms as always (metaphorically). Both were seen engaging in pillow fights and in the background we could see Rishabh looking at them. At that time, all I could imagine is the song ‘Chhann se jo toote koi sapna, jagg soona soona laage.' But, I guess I shouldn’t laugh at anyone’s sadness. I wouldn’t if things ended there.
But later, Nora did some belly dance for Prince too and that must have made Rishabh so angry. But it seems that he hasn't lost hope yet. He requested Bigg Boss to let him do a dance performance with Nora one day. I hope he is not expecting too much.
So what will Rishabh do to get Nora’s attention? How will Rishabh behave around Prince? See everything on the next episode! Stay tuned.
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