Bigg Boss 9, Day 61: Two men from the house will play with their might to be the next Captain. Any guesses?
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The time has come for a new captain of the house and so Bigg Boss decided to give a manly task to decide the new head as two strong men entered the final round of competition. Who?

You will see a clash between Keith and Suyyash tonight for the captaincy. Both of them have had a great run in the house so far and are desperate for captaincy. The task goes is a li'l physical as a rope is tied around them and they are told to run in opposite direction. What is more interesting is that they’ll be running towards a buzzer, which will be present on both the ends. Whoever presses the buzzer first, wins.

But the rope is only long enough for only one of them to reach their destination. One thing’s for sure, it is going to be a tough match.

So who is physically stronger to win this task? Keith or Suyyash? Find out during the next episode!

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