Bigg Boss 9, Day 77: This new task is going to be one heck of a rollercoaster ride
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  • December 27, 2015
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A new task was introduced today by Salman Khan called the party-punishment task. With New Year's around the corner, this task definitely brighten up the spirits of everyone in the house. The task entailed each housemate to pick party or punishment as an option for their chosen housemate and aim with a ball on a stack of boxes which read either party or punishment. Depending on which box they hit, the chosen housemate was given party or punishment based on that irrespective of what option they chose. Nora who chose party for Kishwer got punishment instead and Kishwer was given the task of playing Mandana's sewika till the next announcement. Keith whose partner was Prince got the punishment of not kissing anyone of the girls in the house for the next 48 hours. Poor guy! Though it was a sad moment for Prince but for someone else in the house, it meant a huge opportunity. Rishabh who was standing next to Nora very smartly said that he would be more than happy to fill into Prince's shoes and within just a flicker of a second gave Nora a peck on her cheek. Kishwer who had Suyyash as her chosen housemate chose punishment as the option because she knew she would get punishment any which ways. Suyyash became the 'bali ka bakra' of the house which meant that for every house rule that anyone else in the house broke, he would be punished on their behalf. Ouchies…! The task was a lot of fun with everyone getting some or the other interesting task to do.

To find out who all got what other task, don't forget to catch tonight's episode.

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