Bigg Boss 9, Day 78: Kishwer feels unsafe with Mandana around!
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  • December 28, 2015
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You saw what happened last night? Mandana showed a really aggressive side of her behaviour towards Priya, when the latter just pointed out how Mandana stole Rishabh's medicine. Mandana pulled a band out of Priya's hair and then threw the broken pieces at her. Woah! Priya as usual got hyper on Mandana's unruly behaviour and gathered substantial support from the housemates who told Mandana that she misbehaved and should be sorry. But Mandana being Mandana snubbed everyone rudely.

As a captain, Suyyash decided to confiscate her luggage to which Mandana protested saying that it was not violence, or else Bigg Boss would have interfered. Night passed and by morning, Captain Suyyash brought up a valid point that since last night, there were too many ullanghan's in the house by both Priya and Mandana and both should get punishment with houses consent. Prince suggested that she should be made to do the hardest job and cleaning the entire house was pretty tough. Arrrgh! What happened next will leave irritated. Just then Rochelle Devi, reminded everyone that Mandana already had earned a saza of cleaning the entire garden area.But, Mandana always calculates five steps ahead, as she reminded everyone that as per that task, Suyyash had to take everyone's saza and Kishwer were to be her sevak. Oopsie daisies! 

Kishwer refused to be a part of the task and told everyone that she felt unsafe around Mnadana. Hearing this Mandana started giggling which irked everyone once again. She said Kishwer's ststement was funny and what she had done was not violence. Really now Mandana?! 

Will Mandana ever learn to accept her mistakes before Weekend? Will she continue to be as manipulative and unruly in the house? Is this her game plan? Watch out what happens in today's episode! 

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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