Bigg Boss 9, Day 81: Gutthi gives the housemates a piece of gossip from the world outside!
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  • December 31, 2015
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The housemates have been locked down in the house from a long time. Due to this they have missed on a lot of happenings around the world and how things are going. 
So to give them an update on that our very own Gutthi reported from the fake TV. Gutthi said that Salman Khan wanted her to be his ‘Galat Friend’. To clarify the meaning of ‘Galat Friend’, Gutthi said that the way she saw Salman was very Galat. In the next update she told that Emran Hashmi is scared of Prince’s kissing rate. 
Also, The Pure Water association appreciated Keith and Rochelle for their efforts in their Paani Bachao Muhim. The biggest update of all was that Bigg Boss would show his face if Gutthi agreed to marry him. 
That seems like a whole lot of fun packed in a segment. What else is Gutthi going to reveal? Find out in the next episode.
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