Bigg Boss Exclusive: Keith is Back!
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  • November 25, 2015
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He broke many hearts when he made a sudden exit from Bigg Boss 9. Of course, he was there in our prayers for his personal loss but we can't deny how much we prayed for his comeback on the show as well. Aakhir bhagwan ne hamari sun li! 

It felt like all our prayers got answered when we heard he was making a comeback on the show. Woohooo! Keith will be seen entering the Bigg Boss's Double Trouble house . 

Talking about his comeback on Bigg Boss 9, Keith stated, “Through what has been the toughest few weeks of my life I want to thank my family,friends, fans and viewers for all the love, support and messages that I have received! It means so much to my family and I and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

To see Rochelle handle herself so well in the house and grow so beautifully while I have been away has been a real source of strength for me and I have taken comfort in that each day.

Although the healing process will take time and I have a long journey ahead, with your continued strength and support I feel positive about being part of the show again and what makes it special is that I'm able to go back and be there on Rochelle's birthday”

All he best Keith! 
PS: We are dying to see Rochelle's reaction! 
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